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We realize authors have many options in the current marketplace when it comes to publishing. We hope you will choose to entrust the publication of your next work to us. All Romance eBooks has been publishing special collections in partnership with select authors since 2010. Now, through a new Publishing in Partnership program we are offering editing, packaging, distribution, promotional, and reporting services to select authors.

If you have received an invitation to submit to our exclusive Publishing in Partnership program, you can use this form to submit works at any time. Please note we will accept standalone works in addition to stories for planned series.

Royalty and contract information are available on our submission form. Our goal turnaround time from submission to publication is 6-12 weeks.

We are looking for 4-5 flame novellas (20K-50K) or novels (50K+). We welcome a variety of romance sub-genres and settings, and romantic pairings (M/F, LGBT, IR/MC, Menage & More).

For 2017 we have the following collections planned:

(Please query if interested)

Feburary, 2017 - Dark & Dangerous - Due 11/1/16, no later than 12/1

This collection will feature anti-heroes and a crime element. Jewel or art thieves, hackers, members of a mafia family, son of a drug lord, etc. These are bad boys with baggage, stuck in circumstance or in a dangerous life of their own choosing. Whether our hero is rough around the edges or smooth talking and completely disingenuous, when he meets his love the transformation begins. We'll eventually root for his redemption and fall madly and completely in love with him. No historical or paranormal.

April, 2017 - Rules of Conduct - Due 1/1/17, no later than 2/1

For this series, we want slightly older, experienced men introducing a younger partner into the submissive lifestyle. The partner must be at least 21 years of age and either in the work force or graduate school. The hero may not otherwise be a dominant authority figure to his co-tagonist. No Professor/Student, Boss/Secretary. We want to see the dominant/submissive relationship and the romance evolve.

June, 2017 - Out for You - Due 3/1/17, no later than 4/1

These novels and novellas will be added to an existing collection and released during Pride Month. Because love has no limits, everybody deserves and gets their happy ending. The only requirement is that your featured characters be in an LGBTQ or polyamorous relationship. But not just ANY relationship, one that’s so intense, so right, that it brings them proudly out of the closet. Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Historical….we’re looking for them all.

August, 2017 - Call of Duty - Due 5/1/17, no later than 6/1

Are you a fan of James Bond and Jason Bourne? Whether your hero is a member of MI6, the SEALs, Delta Force, or some other elite Special Ops team, we want him. This collection of hot contemporary romances should include action/adventure and romantic suspense elements. We love our military heroes both in and out of uniform and look forward to reading yours.

October, 2017 - Unleashed - Due 7/1/17, no later than 8/1

Perfect for Halloween, these stories will expand our 2016 paranormal romance collection--Unleashed. Other sub-genres/pairings can be incorporated such as BDSM, Interracial, Rubenesque, etc. We looking for shifters of all stripes, claws, and fangs. Wolves and big cats and bears, oh my!

December, 2017 - Alphas - Due 9/1/17, no later than 10/1

These novels and novellas will be added on to one of our most popular existing collections. We're looking for rough, tough, sexy heroes. These are strong, confident men who know when and how to take control. Bikers, Highland warriors, pack leaders, billionaire bosses, professional athletes...we want them all.


All works will be professionally edited, given a unique cover, converted into a variety of digital formats, distributed, and promoted. Single and/or combined works of novel length will additionally be optioned for print. You will also receive a single report, integrating sales from various distribution channels.

Distribution will occur on All Romance eBooks, LLC properties (AllRomance.com & OmniLit.com), Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Apple Inc. Your work will be promoted at no cost to you on AllRomance.com & Omnilit.com, where we have over 480,000 registered readers, as well as on AReCafe.com, within ARe's Wildfire Newsletter (200,000+ subscribers), throughout all of our social media channels, and on a variety of other websites courtesy of a tour that we will arrange.

In short, our goal is to leave the writing to you, the rest to us. Thank you.

Kat Lively